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Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida: The Wise Choice

Choosing a treatment facility for substance abuse can be overwhelming. But, just because a place has Treatment in the name does not make it a quality facility. Treatment Alternatives is licensed by the Department of Family and Children Services and has received the prestigious Gold Seal from the oldest and largest national health care industry accreditation organization. Treatment Alternatives and its affiliated partners offers all levels of care from detox, PHP, IOP, OP, and Sober Living Houses for Men and Women.shutterstock_128404262

Our facility also offers the Florida Treatment Model for those who need to work and live in a structured environment can avail themselves of our IOP quality program. Our IOP program maintains a high level of treatment, time to work and learn about responsibility and highly structured, apartment style living with our affiliated partners. We are located in an area that has many jobs available.

Sadly, most treatment facilities are utilizing approaches to treating substance abuse that are decades old no longer considered beneficial. Treatment Alternatives uses the latest evidence based practices with licensed and certified therapist, physicians and alternative therapist.

Why Choose Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida

Research has demonstrated that nature, greenery, open air spaces, flowers, birds, and the ocean all have a positive impact upon the health of a person’s mind, body and spirit.

Stepping outside our treatment facility or our affiliated structured housing allows people to stroll in warmth of a tropical breeze, take an early morning swim, feel the ocean wind strolling along the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Beaches, or heal just by relaxing in the sun.

There are down side of staying at home for treatment

Most people who live at home and receive treatment will daily be confronted by people, places, and things associated with drug and alcohol use.

  • It is difficult to pass by places associated with using and resist the cravings that these places trigger.
  • Being close to people with whom the addict or alcoholic associated will disrupt the progress in treatment and usually trigger a relapse.
  • Treatment requires time to be still and reflective about one’s behaviors, beliefs, in other words everything. Being away from home frees up a person emotionally to confront personal self- destructive thinking and behavior.

South Florida: The Rehab Capital

Getting treatment and re-integrating into the world in the Rehab capital provides those early in recovery, as well as those with many years in recovery with hundreds of meetings every week. Having access to 12

Step meetings allows:

  • Those in recovery to face his or her problems clean and sober
  • Find support with others at the meetings who have faced similar or the same issues
  • Build a network of sober men and women

Research has demonstrated that the longer one stays in a recovery environment the stronger his or her recovery grows. That reality produces a better outcome for long term sobriety.




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